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about us

We are the team of enthusiastic people working in the heart of the silicon taiga. It's a territory of science, where operate more than 50 high educational institues, more than 40 scientific institutes, innovative technopark — Academpark and further. That unique environment helps us to implement all potential of modern gadgets industry for the purposes of your business.

our services

We will realize your idea from stratch or integrate into any phase of your project.


Visual attraction and usability is the face of product. Makeup from our UX Lab.


Our proven back-end solutions will fit to any challenges and handle high traffic.


Native and multi-platform applications for any device and OS: mobile, tablet, SmartTV, XBox, Arduino, ...


In our QA Lab there are more than 140 devices to provide solid quality for your application.

our work

Today devices really change our life. We are glad to be part of that process. By doing intruments for end users and business of our clients.


We will be excellent partner in your mobile business because besides of outsourcing we are experienced in making of own products. For example our amazing Silk Paints became "Bi-Annual Best Apps – 2014" in Samsung Apps.

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our team

Every day we are enriched with new technologies. We are growing professional teams for different platforms.
Below you could see current workload depending from platform, but based on request we are always ready to find an additional resources for your project.





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    Ruslan Isay

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    Aleksey Kurganskiy

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    Konstantin Guschin


In the modern technological world division of labor and specialization reached unprecedented depth. In addition, each speciality is growing very fast. To become a Master is required to make single speciality as core competency. Our workflow involves the distribution of aspects of the project to the specialized partner companies. Core competencies of Devicement are — prototyping, mobile development, integration and project management. This approach allows us to have the core competencies for a full cycle of product development.

Tada! — creates amazing design & graphical content

Their creativity excites us and inspires our clients. Stability in art deserves respect.

Drupal Jedi — make web sites & mobile back-ends

Mature market solutiuons are required for successfull business. For web — this is about Drupal. This guys are just samurais. Web ninja! Really Drupal jedi!

Wodby — gives production & development infrastructure

Reinvent the wheels it's not a way. We are using ready MBaaS and PaaS solutions for stable delivery.

Qasquad — provides quality of our work

Rigorous supervision of this team rampages us sometimes, but we understand this is the benefit of our clients.